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Rebuilding the brand for future growth

The CEO of All Native Group, Heath Rist was planning for future growth by winning larger value government contracts. The company had all the fundamental infrastructure processes and procedures in place for growth. But needed to make some improvements in a few areas. One area of improvement identified was to evolve their brand image. 

That is when Heath contacted Blue Earth Marketing to help evolve the ANG brand to change current clients’ perceptions and persuade new clients to include them in the larger RFP processes.

First step is to establish point A and point B.

To best understand the problem at hand and where ANG wanted to go, Blue Earth took a fundamental approach to first figure out where is the brand today (point A) and where does ANG want the brand to be (Point B). Once points A and B were clearly established, Blue Earth was able to develop strategies and tactics to develop a path to succesuly rebrand the company.


To kick-start gaining insights we had a group meeting with the leadership team to better understand what they thought was their strengths and weakness. 

Here are a few key insights gained from that meeting.

  • We need to focus on client missions
  • ANG is not a company but rather a group name for a portfolio of companies.
  • Our marketing materials do not have a consistent branded look 
  • Our logo was nice, but it’s time to be more aggressive 
  • We are mission-driven. Integrity based.
  • Want to keep some version of the buffalo images. 
  • We only need to brand against other ANC and Tribal companies
  • We transition very well.  (from RFP approval to implementation)
  • Saying Yes to a variety of small projects does not provide the confidence for contract managers who manage larger contracts.

Key takeaway insight

  1. Customer perception is the issue and not actual performance.

We started with the What, How and Why of the all native Group before dove deep into the strategy.  


Based on many of the insights gained and the priorities from the management team, we determined the primary role Blue Earth can play is to develop a brand identity program. We focused on logo portfolio management, design brand identity, and template elements. 

Logo Elements: Decided to have each company have the same design style regardless of their name and primary business

Design brand identity: Decided a total logo redesign was needed but required to keep a buffalo graphic a part of the brand. Included in the brand identity were the color palette, approved fonts, additional design elements, and overall look and feel. Create a branding guide to manage the physical aspects of the brand. Create a brand philosophy guide to use for employee onboarding.

Template elements: Because the current brand felt disjointed and to make it easier to manage to create marketing materials that were branded, we chose to create a portfolio of templates that included, sales material, PowerPoint templates, email signatures, tradeshow booth, etc.


During the redesign process, there was a balance between creating a new more powerful look and still preserving their heritage.

The first step was to focus on the redesign of the ANG group logo. The All Native Group is referred to as ANG. So the logo design focused on using the three initials and worked the various forms of the buffalo graphic. 

The second step was to develop a design system to have all the companies within the ANG portfolio have the same look. This creates the look of a master brand without all the individual company names following a master brand strategy.

The third step was to create the first draft of the branding guidelines. 

The fourth step was to develop a template program to make it easy for the user that stays within the brand. This exercise allowed us to test drive the branding guidelines. We made a few tweaks to the branding guidelines based on these efforts.


We hit it out of the park with the CEO of All Native Group. He gave the rebranding high prases by saying this rebrand is beyond his expectations. 

All Native Group

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Patrick primarily account/project manages existing clients but also serves as the Business Development Director. Additionally, Patrick works with clients on developing strategic marketing plans and advertising campaigns and assists the agency with creative copywriting, media planning, media buying, video/TV/Radio production services.